Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastor –

Hello. I am Don Grundmann, Director of the American Warrior Ministry, a Christian Street Ministry, and I write to you now regarding the critical issue of our time which I believe will destroy the Christian foundations of our nation if it is not stopped. This issue is homosexual marriage.

As I describe at the website CandleCrusade.org, homosexual marriage, if it is legalized, will progressively destroy the social, cultural, and moral foundations of our nation as it is in fact an attack upon the children of our nation and will be so for generations to come if it is not stopped.

This catastrophic attack upon the children of our nation for generations to come is in fact, as described at this website, on the brink of success and only a massive outpouring of opposition from the true Christian Church, the mortal enemy of all that the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement stands for and is working to achieve, will possibly stop the victory of this staggeringly evil Movement against our nation. That is where you come in.

I invite you to visit the website of CandleCrusade.org and read the entire text. If you agree with the principles which are expressed at the site, and more specifically that only a mass movement of open social and cultural resistance and opposition to homosexual marriage will succeed in stopping its victory; I invite you to form a Candle Crusade movement within your church and community.

I believe that only a massive movement of open opposition to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and homosexual marriage will save our nation from the moral annihilation which will occur if such evil is not stopped.

Please contact me regarding your thoughts and ideas on this matter.
May God bless you in your considerations.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
Director, American Warrior Ministry
425 E. Merle Ct.
San Leandro, CA 94577
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