Zanna Don’t! is a musical. The plot is set in fictitious Heartsville High. At this fantasy high school students with academically-charged interests sit on the top echelon of popularity. That means that football players are the outcasts. But also heterosexuals must conceal their sexual preference to avoid public scrutiny because, in this parallel universe, sodomy is the norm and what is right is taboo. At one point, therefore, the musical calls for two male actors to kiss.

At a high school performance in Connecticut this behavior caused a stir. The onstage smooch outraged about 40 students. They walked out of Hartford Public High School’s performance. Most of them were jocks. Leading to the performance, parents objected and indicated their wish to cancel the musical. The school administration refused. So the jocks staged a walk-out in protest. Apparently they knew better than the writers of the musical the difference between fantasy and reality.