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stop perverts

Dear Citizen –

Sodomy, sodomites, perversion, and degeneracy are enemies of the United States as the great nation – the light to the world – that it has been. A key reason for its greatness has been the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. The Homosexual/Sodomy Movement’s attack/war against marriage will bring devastating and catastrophic consequences to our nation for generations to come.

If the Supreme Court votes to legalize “sodomite marriage” then the United States, subsequently and without regard to the outcome of countless additional problems attacking our country at this time, shall cease to be anything other than an increasingly impoverished and deteriorating nation.

Over a short span of time the freedoms of our citizens will fade and vanish.

We will never again be the world leader that we have been, either economically or politically, because our moral foundation will be destroyed. The generations of Americans to come will live in a nation regressing toward a Third World condition. Our death as a nation will occur incrementally though virtually without halt unless we stop the degeneration of our moral foundation.

Sodomites And The Problem Of Homosexual Marriage

The fundamental problem with homosexuality, despite any and all counter claims from sodomites dominating the American Psychiatric Association (see ITEM #11 below), is that homosexuality is an emotional pathology that results from internal dysfunction in families; specifically the sodomite resentment of parents and the resentment between parents themselves.

gay public schoolHomosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with “physical” DNA. Sodomites are not born this way. They are born with the same genetic inheritance as that of their parents. Their self-proclaimed condition has everything to do with “spiritual” DNA and the moral and emotional qualities seeded in their hearts by their interactions with their own parents during childhood. The perversion of homosexuals is not born but produced by dysfunctional, broken, fragmented, rebellious, shattered, and pathological families.

Those afflicted with the emotional and spiritual pathology of homosexuality; which is actually a form of emotional retardation or warped development – a perversion of what is normal, healthy, and right; must be given, as with any citizens of our nation, the protections that all citizens receive; such as those which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

But to recognize special rights for an emotional pathology in order to legalize homosexual “marriage” for this group is to provide a prescription for the decimation of our nation. The end of America as a light to the world as its Inner Light, its morality and identity, will be destroyed.

Homosexual “marriage” is a perversion/pathology and not an end in itself, but the vital keystone of a comprehensive attack upon the children of our nation.

Hence the nation itself and its future are at peril. Countless Americans, for example, learned their reading skills from Dick and Jane Readers. “See Dick and Jane run home to mommy and daddy.” The fact is that after legalizing pervert marriage, the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement’s lobby will level lawsuits declaring that any and all such books in use at public schools are “discriminatory” because they do not say “Daddy and Daddy” or “Mommy and Mommy.”
stop perverts

The result will be that ALL textbooks, and eventually ALL school actions and activities of ANY type, in ALL grades of public school, starting in pre-school and kindergarten, will be judicially mandated to teach that ALL things homosexual are minimally equal to all things heterosexual.

Hence through the legalization of pervert marriage the Sodomy Movement will attain its true goal of transforming, via political and legal action, the public school system in our nation to match their pathological doctrine of Social Engineering aimed at brainwashing/warping children into accepting, endorsing, and promoting their sodomite / pervert / sick lifestyle; starting from kindergarten and pre-school to extending through high school.

Stop perverts from achieving this sick end goal. In their pathology of calling good evil and evil good, their objective is to shatter the identity and morality of our children – to kill their Inner Light.